Respite – Moe

Kind & Care Supports Respite

James Street , Moe

Our Respite Care service offer ratios of 1:1 ,1:2 or 1:3 during the day and overnight, depending on the participants needs.

At Kind and Care Supports Respite we are flexible, which enables us to support your current routine. Understanding your individual supports is our priority.

Our Participants can stay from one night a week up to a few weeks at a time.
Ensuring our participants are compatible and matched correctly is essential. Compatibility is our No.1 focus. Before staying at Kind and Care Supports, we will discuss your health needs, interests, likes/ dislikes and personal requests. This will ensure all participants are well matched, and likely to enjoy each other’s company. Matching our participants also encourages friendships, a time to socialise, and make new experiences together.

Please feel free to discuss our service with our friendly staff at Kind & Care Supports.